Bean is the primary raw material for a cup of coffee. It may be fresh or roasted. And there are different kinds of roast: light, medium and dark. In these notes, a note with the status of "bean" implies that it is a new, undeveloped idea. Something that came to mind but has not been developed. It could be factually wrong, inaccurate, misleading, a dead end, a red herring, a wild-goose or worse, the germ of a brilliant idea that will change the Universe forever. Who knows? So why don't I start brewing the bean? Here is my Standard Defence: >The abiding constraint is time. When this contraint coincides with the unfairly maligned human virtue of laziness, things take longer to happen than they ought to. Even when the one deciding what _ought to_ is the same person as the one doing it. Therefore cultivate patience. If you do, tell me how. The epistemic status of my notes falls into five non-linear levels: [[Bean]] → [[Brewing]] → [[Brewed]] → [[Overbrewed]] → [[In-the-Sink]] ## Colophon Status: [[Brewing]]