My notes are in various stages of completion, but none of them are complete. ==They are all subject to change.== There is no single linear path through these notes. >You can find interconnections among the notes using the interactive graph, tables of content and backlinks. The sidebar organises notes according to a logic that makes sense to me. ## How to wade through these notes - Suggested itineraries - [[Conceptualising Information Warfare]] - See the posts related to my studies about the [[Information Age]] - I like frameworks for thinking and analysis.See #framework - And all the posts notes involves #books - Use the index on the left sidebar and the graph on the top left to discover interesting stuff. ## For something more structured [My website]( is more structured and has my published writing, updates on my research and other things that you must be wary of. ## Change is constant As I learn more and my thinking evolves, these notes too will change. >Things will accumulate and often come together over time. >To indicate where things stand, you will find a **Colophon** section on all my notes that indicate the status of the note at that particular time. The [[Epistemic status]] of my notes is influenced by coffee: it is either [[bean]], [[brewing]], [[brewed]], [[overbrewed]] or [[in-the-sink]]. ## Terms of Service If you use anything from this site, you are required to attribute it to me and mention that these are my tentative opinions and understanding. I welcome your comments and suggestions and will duly attribute what I include here. To the extent possible, I shall disclose the epistemic status (a fancy term for how sure I am) on all notes. [[Credits]] <a rel="me" href="">My Mastodon Profile</a> ## Recent updates ![[Recent Changes]] ## Colophon Status: [[Brewing]]